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Shandong Jiaxin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. located in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius-Jining City, northwest of excellent transport location for communication between business and customers to provide a great convenience and fast.

"Science and technology are primary productive forces" continuous advancement of technology is the development of the eternal source of power .The factory after nearly two decades of development, from a roll mold factory into a large-scale production with a production of cold, hot-rolled steel processing equipment, CNC steel processing equipment, five series more than thirty kinds of products manufacturing enterprises.

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Main Products:

  1. Portable cnc plasma cutting machines
  2. Gantry cnc plasma cutting machines
  3. Table cnc plasma cutting machines
  4. Pipe cnc plasma cutting machines
  5. Cnc stirrup bender machine
  6. Steel Cage Welding Machine
  7. Straightening And Cutting Machine
  8. Bending Center Machine

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