High Speed Facial Cream Tooth Aluminum Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Product application of semi-automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine: Mainly used for packaging materials with aluminum tubes. This machine is widely used in packaging in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries.

Auto aluminum tube filling sealing machine is mainly used for the quantity filling and folding of aluminum tubes. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries. Such as ointment, adhesives, AB glue, Neoprene, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair cream, boots oil, toothpaste and else liquid, lotions and cream.

automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is dual station operation. It can be used to fill ointment, shoeshine, cosmetics, art paint, toothpaste, food or any semiliquid substance.

automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for metal tubes . It can do automatic color mark position, filling, folding, batch coding and finished products exit in one machine. Equipped with a auto rotary table with 16 working stations, the operator manually put the aluminum tube into the tube holders.

The tube filling and sealing machine removes end-products automatically. Possible application of the aluminium tube filling and sealing machine: Aluminum tube filling and crimping machine is used for packing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food products into metal tubes. The ALU tube filling machine is designed to ...

This Machine is designed to fill and seal Aluminium /Plastic / Laminated tubes. The machine is suitable mainly for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. Machine can be used for filling of cream, ointment, gel, paste, balm and other similar viscous products by means of a volumetric dosing system.

Application: The automatic filling and sealing machine is mechatronics mechanical electrical integration, used multiple introduction technology and controlled by PLC, it can complete tube feeding, photocell recognition, filling, sealing,date printing and tube injection automatically simultaneously. The machine has a modern shape, a strong practicability and good value for process, it is widely ...

Technical Specification of model Aluminum Tubes filling sealing machine: 1 The machine is suitable for filling and sealing of aluminum tube. 2 The body and rack of the machine adopts SUS304. The body of the machine is installed on the adjustable supporting legs, there is enough space for the forklift to transport.

Additional Information: Item Code: ASHP-100 Production Capacity: Veriable Delivery Time: 1 days Packaging Details: Two tubes can be sealed at one stroke of tube sealing machine Manual tube sealing machine is basically the best of its class with sealing quality as good as fully automatic tube sealing machine The temperature controlled with digital temp. controller Tube sealing machine ...