Edible Oil Filling Machines

Edible Oil Filling Machines


Edible Oil Filling Machines Description:

Edible oil  filling machines are suitable for filling viscous, inviscid and corrosive liquid.This oil filling machine widely applied in plant oil,chemical liquid, and daily chemical industry. Edible oil filler machine adopts linear type filling, electromechanical & instrucmental intergration controlling. This edible oil filling equipment’s simple and rapid for changing the varieties with unique design and superior capability. Edible oil filling line appearance accords with the international machinery concept.


 Edible Oil Filling Plants Internal Structure Picture Display


Edible Oil Filling Machines Feature:
 Germay SIEMENS PLC and touch screen control make it intelligentize protection function.Vacuum anti-dropping device ensures no leaking situation in production. Electrinic ajusting for volume system, frequency control and photoelectric detecting system are app lied in edible oil  filling system.

1.Edible oil filling machines applied SIEMENS PLC computerized control.
2.Edible oil filling equipment has intellectual,protection function.
3.Vacuum drop prevention device guarantees there should be absolutely no drop or leakage during production.
4.There is a switch for step progressive type supply and continuous supply.Edible oil filling equipment can be Set Optionally.
5.Edible oil filling machine has applied imported pneumatic control parts.
6.Edible oil filling equipment has applied German technique on photoelectric sensors.
7.National patented double speed technique has greatly increased production efficiency.
8.Edible oil filling line is suitable for many items,the adjustment is rapid and high efficient.
9.Electrical volume adjustment System.
10.Photoelectric inspection system.
11.Can be used together with the cover screwing &pressing machine,Leakage inspection macing,Aluminum foil operating sealing machine.

Edible Oil  Filling Line Full Unit Scene Photo


Edible Oil Filling Machiney Application Areas:
Dope, oil paint, printing ink, pastern, organic solvent daily chemical, detergent, pesticide, medicine, lubricant, food oil and all kinds of flowing liquid.
convenient for cleaning
·Changeable filling head
·Filling, cover pressing and cover cliping in one machine
·Explosion proof machine for choice

 Edible Oil Filling Machines Can Fill A Variety of Oils