Automatic Plastic Soft Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Automatic tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid and the materials alike, into plastic and composite metal tubes and then internally heating tubes, sealing and printing lot number. It is used in the industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetic and daily chemicals.

This automatic plastic tube filling sealing machine adopts piston filling & ultrasonic/heat sealing, suitable for various plastics compound soft tube and plastics soft tubes filling packaging, widely used in the fields of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine etc. Auto tube feeding & acrylic hood makes it delicate & more efficient; easy to change tube molds for tubes with different specifications.

Both the soft plastic tube and aluminum metal tube can be used on the machine, the stable speed is around 40-50 pcs per min. The working process is as following: Automatic tube feeding--product feeding and filling--heat sealing--batch No printing or embossing--final tube output.

The plastic (composite) hose potting machine is mainly used for the primary transmission principle. The indexing mechanism is used to drive the rotary table equipped with the clamp for intermittent movement, and complete a series of functions such as automatic benchmarking, automatic filling, internal and external heating, sealing, pressing, trimming, and finished product exit.

Automatic soft tube filling sealing machine. Automatic soft tube filling sealing machine, combined with the requirements of the GMP optimization design and development of successful high-tech equipment, has advantages of reasonable structure, functional integration, and convenient operation.

The plastic (composite) soft tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used for the primary transmission principle.

The machine is used for automatically filling and sealing cream, butter, jelly, toothpaste, detergent, jam and viscous material, seal or tail fold, batch number embossed (including production date), suitable for aluminum tube, plastic tube, pipe, the equipment is simple to operate, automatic PLC control and famous brand electrical components stable performance and high efficiency

High speed plastic soft tube filling sealing machine. This machine is designed for filling plastic tube and composite tube with a high speed with 60-80 tubes/min, and has features of multi-color filling, special tube filling and special-shaped sealing.

Automatic Plastic Soft Tube Filling and Sealing Machine. Application. This machine is designed specially for soft tube filling and sealing, working automatically. It is applicable to all kinds of plastic and plastic combined soft tube; As long as the materials is not very thick, same machine can work for both plastic and plastic with aluminium ...